Five Essential Things to Do After Your Fantasy Football Draft

Red UCFL fantasy football draft day flag

You wake up after your fantasy football draft and look at your team. You could have several reactions: high-five yourself, cry yourself back to sleep, or swear off drinking. In any event, you have a few days until kickoff of the 2022 fantasy football season. Here are five things you can do to make your team game-ready. 

1 – Relax and Enjoy Your Awesome Fantasy Football Draft

You crushed your fantasy football draft, and all the draft evaluation tools agree. Your league mates coronated you after the draft.  Well done. Relax and enjoy watching your league mates scramble. 

2 – Fix Your Fumbles 

Things got blurry after your fourth IPA. You left your fantasy football draft with three kickers, two tight ends, and rode ponies through the graveyard. You have a few days to examine the rosters of your league mates and send trade offers. Our live draft, the great UCFL, was last Saturday, and the offers are already flying.

Even if you had a solid draft, you won’t be strong in every position, or your bench is weak. Look at all the rosters for managers with complementary weaknesses. You’re strong at running back, and another manager has two top-five wide receivers but is starting dead zone running backs. You guys can help each other out. Don’t be the jackass who sends lopsided offers that don’t benefit the other manager. 

3 – Monitor the Add/Drops

I drafted Colt’s kicker Rodrigo Blankenship, but by mid-week, Fink dropped the Bills’ kicker Tyler Bass. 4for4 projects Bass as the top overall kicker, with Rodrigo at #9. I took the upgrade with Bass and snagged him off waivers. 

Former league mate Andy drafted Arian Foster in 2010 but dropped him before the first game, and I swept in and got him off waivers. Foster gave me 1600 rushing yards and 18 total touchdowns that year. It’s possible to lose your league on fantasy football draft day, but most league champions are forged through the fire of the weekly grind. The managers who pay the most attention win belts and trophies. 

4 – Stay On Top of the News

Football news, of course. Who has time for the other garbage? Use the Fantasy Pros app to get alerts on player news. You need to know if your running back gets shot in the ass. If bad news breaks on a player you like, send a lowball offer to the manager who owns him. 

5 – Start Talking Trash Immediately After Your Fantasy Football Draft

If I have to tell you to start talking trash, resign from fantasy football and take up crocheting. Fantasy football is psychological warfare. Managers make a thousand micro decisions in a fantasy football season, and you want to manipulate as many of those as you can. I can’t promise to tell the truth about anything fantasy football related in my league between August and January. 

That’s just part of a “fake” game. 

Good luck, and game on!

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