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Buffalo Bills quarterback getting sacked

Merry Christmas from the Bullrush! I remember one year long ago I went caroling with my wife’s family and evidently, I drew the short candy cane. I had to ride in the very back of her father’s minivan. The rural roads in my county are narrow, winding, and treacherous… at night at 75mph. I considered the irony of us dying while out celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. This year in fantasy football has been a bit treacherous as COVID-19 and injuries killed a lot of fantasy teams.

Did You Know? 

In this edition of “Did You Know?” we’ll discuss something you may not know, but need to know if your fantasy football playoff hopes and dreams are still alive in week 16.

With the upcoming Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots game on Sunday, I decided to do a deep dive into the matchup, especially Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Did you know that Allen has faced the New England Patriots 6 times in his career? Furthermore, did you know that he only has 2 wins in these 6 outings? The Patriots are the only team in his division that Allen has a losing record against.

But these stats aren’t truly fantasy relevant, are they? We all know that quarterbacks on losing teams can put up solid fantasy numbers. Even bad quarterbacks on bad teams can be great fantasy options. Remember 2015 Blake Bortles? He led the Jacksonville Jaguars to a dismal 5-11 record while posting 20 fantasy points a game. We see a similar scenario this year with Jalen Hurts as the number 6 fantasy scoring quarterback on the year. But what about Josh Allen and his 6 performances against the Patriots? Did he grind out solid fantasy numbers despite losing 4 out of 6 games? Let’s take a look.

Josh Allen Fantasy Numbers Against the Patriots

  • 2018, week 16, loss away, 11.7 fantasy points
  • 2019, week 4, loss at home, 8.7 fantasy points
  • 2019, week 16, loss away, 20.7 fantasy points
  • 2020, week 8, win at home, 12.5 fantasy points
  • 2020, week 16, win away, 32.3 fantasy points
  • 2021, week 13, loss at home, 11.7 fantasy points

As you can see, in 4 out of 6 games, Allen put up 12.5 fantasy points or less. His 32.3 game is an outlier and unlikely to happen again against the Pats’ number 1 rated defense against quarterbacks. On the year, the Patriots surrender only 11.58 fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. This number is in line with the 11.7 points that Allen scored against the Pats in week 13.

If you were lucky, or smart enough to draft Allen, there’s a high possibility that your team is still in the fantasy playoffs. Allen is the top fantasy QB on the year with 23.3 fantasy points a game. But that is all about the regular season when you can lose a week and keep going. Now it’s do or die and the man who got you here may not be the man who gets you to next week.

Now You Know

So, what do you do? Do you ride with Allen or do you look for a quarterback streamer? I don’t know, but I didn’t want you flying blind into round 2 of the playoffs. Now you know some things about Josh Allen that you might’ve not known before. I have done my job.

As Socrates said, “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”. 

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