The Fantasy Football Game Plan Week 15

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You’re either in the fantasy football playoffs now or you’re not. Cooper Kupped me last night and sealed my fantasy football fate. Although I scored 138 points (.5ppr), and finished third overall in scoring for the season, my fantasy dreams for 2021 are officially dead. And fantasy football still sucks. Does anyone else feel me today? But we’ll press on, try to win the toilet bowl, and start scheming for next year. This edition of the Game Plan will be the last for the season and what follows is not so much of a game plan. It’s more of a plan for your league to finish with best practices.

Let’s get to it.

Dealing With Fantasy Football Boneheads

Half of your league is out of the hunt for the championship trophy filled with cash and some bonehead buddies may scheme to stack a team. For example, one bonehead is out but has Jonathan Taylor. His bonehead buddy is in the playoffs and has the most FAAB or is in the first waiver wire position. Bonehead One drops Taylor which allows Bonehead Two to pick him up. Your league commissioner must kill that demonic idea like the cancer that it is. And if it happens, the commissioner has to reverse it immediately. It’s not out of the question to put both boneheads out of the league. Who wants guys like this in the league? On the same note, don’t let the bottom-feeders drop their teams during the playoffs, even if they don’t plan to return next season.

If the Last Place Manager Doesn’t Have to Run Naked Down the Highway…

Along these same lines, if your toilet bowl (consolation tournament) doesn’t have a prize or incentive (such as the last place manager has to run naked down the highway during rush hour traffic), consider not allowing these teams to use the waiver wire during the playoffs. Why should these teams have any bearing on the fantasy championship? Just use your bench players and leave the waiver wire players to the teams who deserve to have them.

You Have to Remind the Knuckleheads About Everything

Remind your league mates of playoff rules and settings. What are the payouts for first, second, and third? How and when are payouts handled? How are tie-breakers determined? Do you have keepers for next year? If so, hold onto McCaffrey and Henry who aren’t helping you this season, but can next year.

Fantasy Football 2022 Is A Long Way Off

Remember what it’s like when fantasy football is over – the emptiness, the loneliness, the dead Discord, tweaking on Tuesday nights because there’s no waiver wire Wednesday mornings, the wasteland between February and August – keep all this in mind before you decide to check out now and mourn over your busted season. Your league probably has a consolation ladder or toilet bowl as we call it. Get in there and play with the other bottom-feeders. Until this year, my league always had a small cash prize for the toilet bowl winner – maybe half the entry fee. This year we’ll do side bets to keep it interesting. And there’s always Fanduel. Get the other toilet bowl boys to join a weekly Fanduel contest with you. It’s a long, dry season after the Super Bowl, so soak in all the fantasy football goodness that you can while you can.

But Start Planning for 2022

Before fantasy football leaves the minds of your league mates, ask questions on how to improve the league for next year. Take notes. In 15 years of the UCFL, I can’t remember one year in which we didn’t make some kind of change – an addition to or subtraction from our rules, or just ideas and features to make the fantasy season more entertaining. Then early next August get with your league mates and vote on the suggestions. Maybe you want the last place manager to run naked down the highway…

The Bullrush will be here for you the rest of the way of the fantasy football season and into the off-season, but for now, the Game Plan is signing off. Good luck!


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