Did You Know? Fantasy Football Week 14

Tight End Fantasy Football player with words "did you know?"

Did you know that New England quarterback Mac Jones completed fewer passes Monday night against the Bills than my UCFL brother, Dirty Dan, has fantasy wins this year? It’s a fact. But ironically, and I have to give the devil his due, Dirty Dan does have more UCFL championship titles (4) than pass attempts by Jones in that same game. Another fact.

Some other things that you may not know.

The red birds don’t play as well in their own nest

Did you know that the 10-2 Arizona Cardinals are 7-0 in away games and 3-2 at home? Yep, their only losses occurred at home. Furthermore, in the 7 away games, the Cardinals scored 230 points (32.85 average) and held opponents to 118 (16.86) – on average doubling up opponents behind enemy lines. Yet at home, the Cardinals v. opponents scoring is 113 (22.6) to 106 (21.2). The red birds score 10 points less at home and give up over 4 more a game to opponents. As for time of possession, the Cardinals own the largest discrepancy in the NFL between home/away splits. The Arizona offense holds the ball on average 27:44 at home, but 34:04 away – almost a 6.5-minute difference. No other NFL team is close and with 3 home games on the schedule – Rams, Colts, Seahawks, it’s something to think about, now that you know.

The Dolphins are playing like killer whales

Did you know that the Pats are the top-scoring defense over the last 4 weeks? Of course, you did, but did you know that the Miami Dolphins defense is a close second? That may be a surprise to you and with Miami on bye this week, they are available in 53% of ESPN fantasy leagues. And next week they face the Jets, followed by the Saints and the Titans – all pretty tasty matchups for the Christmas feasting season.

Don’t be a bonehead fantasy football fan

Did you know that in a game like fantasy football in which everything is measured by numbers, scores, and statistics, there are real men, real human beings, who play the game we love to watch and go stupid crazy over? I thought about this yesterday when I watched Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon answer questions from reporters. Gordon, with good humor and a good attitude, said that he knows fans hate him, especially fantasy football players (because fantasy players want to see rookie teammate Javonte Williams have sole possession of the backfield). I can vouch for Gordon as I see hate spewed about him on Twitter – fantasy players who hope that Gordon suffers an injury to free up the backfield for Javonte.

This is a ridiculous and sad commentary on the state of mankind when we want a player to get hurt to help our fantasy team – unless we are talking about a mild hamstring pull.

Faces best suited for radio

Did you know that you can catch my UCFL brothers on the Laces Out podcast on YouTube? The week 14 edition is hot off the press and Dilly, JBunc, and Dirty Dan break it all down for you with the key games this week along with boom and bust picks. If you will, be praying that Dilly wins and JBunc loses this week, so I get into the fantasy playoffs.

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