Did You Know? Fantasy Football Week 13

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The UCFL Discord chat is eerily quiet today. Our fantasy football trade deadline arrived this morning at 3am like a thief in the night to steal the joy of many of my UCFL league mates. While we will miss the negotiations, the gamesmanship, and the mocking of league mates who make stupid trades, we will return to a relatively normal life now.  Not until the start of next season will our phones get blown up on the daily with trade offers from the Hexorcist. But I’ll miss that, too. Until then, we all need to press on and figure out how to win in fantasy football week 13.

Let’s talk about a few things you may not know.

Run, Forrest, Run

Did you know that only 2 NFL teams have run the ball more than the WFT over the last 3 games? Since their week 9 bye, The Football Team has rushed the ball 34, 40, and 43 times – an average of 39 times per game. In its first 8 games that average was 26 rush attempts. That increase in rush attempts came at only a slight cost to the passing game. The first 8 games saw WFT sling it 35 times a game compared to 30 times a game in weeks 10-12. Washington, showing a higher commitment to the run, is also dominating the clock. Weeks 1-8, Washington’s time of possession was 29 minutes on average. Weeks 10-12 rose to a league-leading 39 minutes – a full 10 minutes more! That’s a major increase in a 60-minute game. This new game plan is working. Washington won only 2 games in its first 8, but currently sits on a 3-game win streak.

AVG Rush Attempts AVG Pass Attempts Time of Poss Wins
Weeks 1-8 26 35 29 2
Weeks 10-12 39 30 39 3

So, a lot of WFT stats, but what in the heck do they mean to your fantasy team? With an all-out, concerted effort to run the ball, and doing so at the third-highest rate in the league over the last 3 games, it’s time to target Washington’s backfield. Antonio Gibson has emerged to take 72 carries over the last 3 games and is a worthy trade target if your trade deadline hasn’t passed.  And although WFT ruled out RB J.D. McKissic for week 13 due to a concussion, he’s a great addition for the rest of the season.

These Birds Aren’t Flying

The Bullrush, big fans of Russell Wilson, has considered starting a GoFundMe campaign to buy out Pete Carroll’s contract. The old man needs to go. As we mentioned earlier, time of possession is a vitally important aspect of the football game. Did you know that the Seahawks’ offense is on the field a dead last, league-worst 24:09 minutes a game? By comparison, the Ravens offense holds the ball almost 10 minutes more a game at 33:47 minutes a game. And over the last 3 games, the Hawks average has dipped to 19:36 minutes. This number, an embarrassment to everything holy and good about the game, is 5 minutes less than the next worst team over the last 3 games, the Rams and half, yes, I said HALF of the above-mentioned WFT.

Russ isn’t cooking; he’s not even simmering. The man is ice cold and with 2 regular-season fantasy games remaining, can you trust him as a starter for your fantasy team? The Bullrush tries hard to avoid being blinded by brand names, and Russ is a big brand, but a value brand QB could be your better buy. Over the last 3 games, Russ ranks 20th among quarterbacks, and here are a few names who have outscored him – Tyrod Taylor, Trevor Lawrence, Ryan Tannehill, Tua Tagovailoa, Jimmy Garoppolo, Derek Carr, Mac Jones, and Taylor Heinicke. You won’t find these names at Nordstrom’s, but who cares where you shop when you’re playing in the fantasy championship.

Also, as expected, the Seahawks’ WRs have suffered during this 3-game stretch. Lockett’s fantasy points rank him as WR 27 and Metcalf is WR 79 – making them both nauseating starts going forward.

It’s Okay To Get Defensive

This one might surprise you. As I mentioned in the week 13 Game Plan, we can’t sleep on our choices for defense. If you don’t have the Pats, Bucs, or Bills that are generally set’em and forget’em, the wrong defense choice can cost us a win. Did you know that over the last 3 games, the Houston Texans’ defense has posted fantasy points of 17.8, 14.08, and 10.28 and swarmed for 10 sacks, 7 interceptions, and 4 fumble recoveries? Right, I didn’t know either. With a 2-9 record, why would anyone pay attention to the Texans? Well, now you know. This week, the Texans face the Colts, a good one to avoid, but then they play the wingless Seahawks and the Jags. Rostered in only 20% of ESPN leagues, go grab the Texans.

Finally, did you know that Kansas City Chiefs’ defense, over the last 3 games, contained the Packers to 7 points, the Raiders to 14, and the Cowboys to 9? The Packers and Raiders average 23 points a game and the Cowboys almost 30. Less than 20% owned in ESPN leagues, the Chiefs defense is on the warpath.

Ezekiel Elliott said a few years ago, “I hate to lose more than I love winning, and I’m coming to Dallas to win a Super Bowl.” I, for one, don’t think that will ever happen for the Beaver, but I do hope it happens for you and you bring that fantasy football championship trophy home. Good luck!


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