Fantasy Picks Track Record Week 12

I hold my kids accountable for their choices and you should do the same with the guy who’s giving you fantasy football advice. Last week was my first “This Guy or That Guy” column in which I help pick the best options for your flex lineup spots – the flex boomers. Let’s see how I did.

Below are my picks along with their projected scores according to 4for4’s weekly rankings.

Ty Johnson, RB, Jets v. Texans, 8.3 points

Miss. Ty put up 4.2 points as he fell behind Austin Walter in rush attempts 9-6. Austin who? Exactly. Ty ran impressively for 7 yards a carry, but this Walter fella got the touchdown. I missed, but I don’t hate it. Seven yards a carry, come on man.

Tony Jones, RB, Saints v. Bills, 9.8 points

Miss. He got plenty of carries, but turned 16 of them into 27 yards and no touchdowns. Bad miss, let’s move on.

Tony Pollard, RB, Cowboys v. Raiders, 9 points

Hit! He boomed for 21.25 points. Half of his points came off of a 100 yard kickoff return for a TD, but we don’t care how the numbers got there.

AJ Brown. He was inactivated after the article was published, which I updated with the news, so we’ll call that one a scratch.

Odell Beckham, WR, Rams v. Packers, 8.8 points

Hit! I predicted a touchdown and OBJ didn’t disappoint me or his dad. He boomed with 16.6 fantasy points.

Javonte Williams, RB, Broncos v. Chargers, 10.6 points

Hit! I called the JW breakout game and he made me look good with 18.6 points.

The final score is 3 hits and 2 misses. Not turrible.

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