Monday Rush Week 12

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It felt like a good idea at the moment. At 4-7 and still with a 16% chance to make the playoffs, I decided to sell out yesterday to beat my divisional rival, the Hexorcist, in a must-win game. I traded Elijah Mitchell and the Miami defense for the Patriots defense and Marvin Jones. The Pats had the Titans at home and it was guaranteed to be a smash spot for their defense. The entire Titans lineup is on IR and they had to start guys who flipped burgers 3 weeks ago. As for Mitchell, he returned from finger surgery, and although he practiced last week, he didn’t take any hits. I feared that Mitchell would start, get popped in the hand, and exit the game with 1.3 fantasy points. And if I lost this week, next week doesn’t matter. Well, Mitchell posted 25.3 points, and the Miami defense I traded put up 26.04 against the pathetic Panthers. In the meantime. the Pats managed a respectable, but lesser 16.28 points. It appears that I may still win, but not due to my brilliant strategery. Apparently, the fantasy gods have sympathy for children and fools.

But let’s move on to this edition of the Monday Rush and try to help you not make foolish fantasy decisions. Week 12 is almost in the rearview mirror and many people out there are riding the white line over the next 2 weeks with their fantasy playoff hopes about to be realized or steamrolled over.

Can we trust Lamar, Jalen, Justin, Ryan, and Tom with our playoff hopes?

I didn’t add Cam Newton to the list, because holy Lombardi, I hope you have better options, but the other guys are probably your starting quarterbacks. As a Lamar Jackson manager, this question is very relevant and personal. Projected for 24 points against the Browns, Lamar tossed 4 interceptions on his way to 9.4 fantasy points. This poor performance comes off week 11 in which Jackson missed due to sickness and in week 10 he scored 15.42 fantasy points. Jackson hasn’t helped his fantasy managers over the past few weeks and his next 2 games are away against the Steelers and the Browns in the dog pound. With a total of 12 interceptions and 15 passing touchdowns on the year and recent performances on the slide, we have to ask ourselves a bold question – is it time to bench or trade the big man?

Hurts managed a sad 6.86 points in what should have been a slam dunk against the Giants. He also threw 3 INTs and 0 TDs. Over his last 5 games, he’s posted the following fantasy points: 6.86, 30.78, 18.62. 16.68, and 11.22. A couple of duds, a couple of mehs, and one great game. He has another smash spot against the Jets this week and then he’s on bye for week 14. Hurts’ playoff schedule is sweet as he faces WFT, the Giants, and WFT, but can this Eagle be trusted to fly you to a championship?

I’ve gone in-depth about Herbert in another article, and although he scored an acceptable 19.72 points against the Broncos yesterday, it was just under ESPN’s projections and a quarter of his points came in garbage time with a lucky Hail Mary touchdown catch by Jared Cook. Herbert really deserved no points or credit for that one, it was all Cook. So, start Herbert if you wish. My next in-depth study on him is whether he plays better with long or short hair.

At this point, you’re probably starting Tannehill if other players in your league are hoarding quarterbacks. If that’s the case, you have a few days before the trade deadline to strike a deal with one of them. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, the Titans are decimated with injuries and Tannehill is firing blanks. His last 2 outings are less than grand with 8.12 and 9.22 fantasy points. This week Tannehill has a bye and then faces the Jaguars and the Steelers. You won’t get any value for Tannehill in a trade, but try to find other players to go along with him to get you a viable starter.

You will rarely if ever, see me criticize the GOAT, Tom Brady, but this site isn’t about my fandom. It’s about your success. Up until the Bucs’ bye week 9, Brady was blazing a trail through the NFL. He threw 25 TDs to 5 INTs, that’s an average of 3.125 and .625 per game and he posted on average 25 fantasy points per game. Through weeks 10 – 12, Brady’s passing touchdowns have dipped to 5 total, an average of 1.66, almost matched by his 4 interceptions. His interception average has doubled to 1.33 per game. Finally, the GOAT’s fantasy point production fell off a cliff to 14.5 points a game. During this 3 game slide, Trevor Sieman was a better option for your fantasy team with a 17.6 point average. Don’t get stuck on name brands when a generic brand brings better value.

That’s it for the Week 12 edition of the Monday Rush. Good luck this week and may the fantasy gods smile upon your team this week!

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