Monday Rush Fantasy Football Week 10

Cam Newton press conference dressed like Madea

Each week we want to evaluate what we learned from the NFL games we watched and how we managed our fantasy teams. A few take-aways will at least help us feel better about the hours upon hours we neglected our families to watch grown men get a ball across a line.

Here we go.

Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy is a fat bully. Up 34-3 with less than a minute in the first half (yes, first half!) against the stuffed Falcons, the Cowboys blocked a punt and took the ball in for a touchdown. Now it’s 40-3 with 37 seconds and it’s a no-brainer extra point kick coming, right? Nope, fat boy bully opts to go for 2. Is McCarthy worried about keeping a 37 point lead with one half left to play? Or is he like the kid in the classic Eddie Murphy skit that taunts the poor kids who can’t afford to buy from the ice cream truck? “You don’t have no ice cream. You didn’t get none. You’re on the welfare.” I vote option

Carson Wentz isn’t Patrick Mahomes. And Patrick Mahomes hasn’t been Patrick Mahomes this year – until last night. We’ve all enjoyed watching Mahomes play over the years. It’s like sitting in a lawn chair in your backyard watching a grown man play a pick-up game. He scrambles all over the field and throws side-arm passes or does straight arm shuffle passes through defenders that are just ridiculous. Over the last couple of weeks, Wentz has tried his version of these straight arm shuffles, but left-handed, although he is right-handed. I’ve seen Wentz play. I’ve seen Mahomes play. Wentz is no Mahomes. These passes are dangerous when Pat does them, but just plain stupid when Carson tries them. Last week’s shuffle went for a pick-6 and this week it was completed to Jonathan Taylor for a minimum gain and got JT pancaked by the defender. At 5-5, Wentz needs to figure out who he is and it’s not Mahomes.

Mac Jones is for real. And Bill Belichick is still a mad scientist genius. In the 2021 NFL draft Jones was drafted 15th overall and was the 5th QB chosen. These QBs went ahead of Mac: Trevor Lawrence to the Jags, Zach Wilson to the Jets, Trey Lance to the 49ers, and Justin Fields to the Bears. It’s fair to say at this point that none of these QBs are living up to their draft capital. And these following teams, who desperately needed an answer at QB, ignored Mac and the position altogether: the Lions, Panthers, Broncos, Eagles, and Dolphins. But after a slow start, Mac has quietly led the Patriots to 4 wins in a row and has his team in position for a division title run in spite of few people giving them a chance this year. In yesterday’s 45-7 thumping of the Browns, Mac went 19-23 for 198 yards and 3 TDs. That is an 83% completion rate and a 13% TD rate. There’s a saying that man plans and God laughs. In the world of NFL coaching, one can say that other coaches plan and Belichick snickers.

Cam is back.  And he is still fun to watch. He ran for a touchdown and he threw for another one. The TD pass went to Robby Anderson for his first TD since week 6 and only his third on the season.  If Cam can resurrect Anderson, more power to him. The Panthers throttled the league-leading Arizona Cardinals 34-10 moving up to 5-5 on the season. With the Bucs 6-3, Saints 5-4, and Falcons 4-5 all losing yesterday, the NFC South is a 5 o’clock traffic jam. Maybe Cam can be the spark that the Panthers need to make a division run that once seemed far out of reach and at the same time, make David Tepper look like a genius. The most important question, however, is when will Madea make a reappearance?

Be careful with your flex. This one is personal and relates to my own tactical fantasy football error. The error hasn’t officially bit me in the butt yet, but it was still a management mistake. I put Elijah Mitchell in my RB2 spot and he plays tonight on MNF and I flexed Javonte Williams who played yesterday. Why does it matter? A RB or WR playing in your latest game can develop a last-minute injury or in our Covid world can test positive before the game. If this happens, you need the most flexibility. If Mitchell tests positive today, I have to find a RB playing in the 49ers/Rams game tonight to play in his place. In doing so, and assuming my bench is already full, I have to drop Mitchell or a player on my bench who is on bye, because all of my other players are locked for the week. Unfortunately, I don’t have a player on a bye and dropping Mitchell for a scrub is pretty stupid. But I do have OBJ on my bench, who is playing in the same game, however, as you know, the man is a WR, not a RB and Mitchell is locked into my RB2 spot. Hence, the flex spot. If I had the brains that God gave a gnat and put Mitchell in my flex spot, it would be an easy swap to OBJ. Be smart, be flexible.

That’s the weekly Monday Rush for week 10. Did you learn anything?

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