I Refuse To Talk To Myself Right Now

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As an immature old man, I can occasionally go a couple of days refusing to talk to someone I am mad at. I know, that’s not the right way to handle things, but I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, so let’s just leave it there.

Right now, I refuse to talk to myself, because I am an idiot and it is infuriating.

I had the Dallas Cowboys defense set in my starting lineup all week. Facing off against the Falcons, it seemed like a fairly decent decision. I figured that Matt Ryan could be counted on to complete a few passes to Trevon Diggs, the star cornerback for the Cowboys.

Then Kendall.

On Friday night, Kendall started sending me trade offers for my bench QB Russell Wilson in return for the Steelers’ defense. In my heart and mind, I know that trading a QB for a defense, especially someone of the caliber of Wilson, is stupid and accordingly, I rejected the offer. But Kendall didn’t relent. He played to my fears. My record is 4-5 and I am in win-now mode. The Steelers were hosting the 0-8 Lions and their points projections were a couple of points higher than the Cowboys – points that could be the difference between a W and an L for me. So, he kept sending the offer, the same offer over and over, playing to my fears, for the next 24 hours, and I finally caved.

The Cowboys thumped the Falcons today 48-3 and intercepted the Falcons QBs 3 times (Ryan was benched after 2 INTs) while the Cowboys’ D put up a stellar 17.92 points. Steelers D scored a respectable but underwhelming 8.56 points at home against the league’s worst team. The difference between the 2 defensive points is 9.36. I am currently projected to lose by 8.3.

It would be easier for me to be mad at Kendall. I can avoid him for a couple of days much simpler than I can myself. Believe me, if I could get away from me sometimes, I would. But it’s not Kendall’s fault. Kendall was just being Kendall, doing what Kendall does, and I like him for those reasons. It’s me that I have a problem with – for not sticking to the plan, folding to fear, and abandoning good reason. Don’t give up a good QB for a defense. Had I stuck to that sound judgment, the Hail Marys would have a solid chance of victory right now, and one that didn’t depend upon an early Darren Waller injury tonight. And no, I am not hoping for that to happen.

Fantasy football may indeed suck, but I appreciate the guys who play the real game.


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